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mixed embroidery kits
A mix of the new Folk Animal Series – all photos courtesy of Hook Line & Tinker

Quickly becoming an Ingebretsen’s favorite and bestseller, we can’t get enough of the intricate embroidery kits from Hook Line & Tinker! From design to production, this Canadian brand values small batch craftsmanship, sustainability, and the value of making and sharing art. Hook Line & Tinker started in 2017. They have grown a lot since then and their mission resonates with us: “Hook Line & Tinker is committed to fostering joy, calm and creativity while demonstrating care for our planet and community.”

Why we love them
caribou embroidery kit
Folk Caribou Kit

These kits are new to us this year, and we are so glad we can offer these unique kits to our customers. The intentional and specific color palette and designs really remind us of Nordic design. With each set, Hook Line & Tinker has cohesion in mind. The colors are meant to compliment each other, so that groupings can be hung up together to make a gallery wall. Many of their customers collect every design!

In 2022, Hook Line & Tinker came out with their Folk Animal series and the Scandinavian connection became even stronger. While we love them all, the caribou and moose are some of our favorites. The process is so fun, and you end with a beautiful piece that can be displayed.

Each kit includes:
  • a printed pattern on cotton
  • 6″ embroidery hoop (to re-use or finish for display)
  • embroidery floss in the design colors
  • size 3 embroidery needle
  • instructions & stitch guide
moose embroidery kit
Folk Moose Kit

Plus you can shop stitching accessories here, like scissors and notions bags. Use these kits as a way to learn a new craft! With the included stitch guide, even beginners can complete the design of their choice. The folk animals are the “ambitious beginner level,” but we have other designs – Knittin’ Kitten or Hygge Horse – that are designed for first timers. You can also learn more about the craft of embroidery on our blog here.

Crafting gives us time to think and process, while keeping our hands busy. It connects us to traditions of the past, and can bring meaningful connection when shared.


We love all types of crafts, knitting, stitching, carving, and more. You can shop all of our craft kits here! What other craft kits or supplies would you like to see in our shop or on our website? Leave a comment below.

All of Hook Line & Tinker’s kits can be ordered if you see one you like that we don’t currently carry. Email info@ingebretsens.com or give us a call, 612-729-9333.

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  1. Is this cross stich? If not I would like to see some cross stich kits. I like to do that but there is not much of it around anymore.
    Thank you Gretha

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