Ham Balls from Grandma Iola

There is no time like the present to preserve the past. Annie Malsam is doing just that as she collects ...
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It’s Almost Time For Påskekrim (Easter Crime)

Norway is known as having one of the strangest holiday traditions - Påskekrim - reading about gruesome murders over the ...
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The Easter Tree Tradition

The beginning of spring means it is time to make your Easter Tree or Påskris – a popular tradition in ...
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Semla Day Is Coming

Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday is a day in February known in Sweden as “Semmeldagen” (the day of the Semla) ...
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happy easter

Easter Traditions In Scandinavia

Easter in Scandinavia - We have posted about Norway's Påskekrim and the Easter Trees in Sweden but here are a ...
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