To really immerse yourself in the culture of Scandinavia, the best method is to travel there. We know this isn’t always possible, but we can dream! With perspectives from staff and friends of Ingebretsen’s we will take you to explore regions and tips on how to travel to the Nordic countries.


The Law At Ingebretsen's, we are huge proponents of being outside throughout the year (you can read about Friluftsliv in ...
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Northern Lights – How to See Them

To a lot of us, seeing the Northern Lights - or aurora borealis - is a dream. These lights are ...
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Lofoten, Norway – The Place That Cod Built

Lofoten is an archipelago (a chain, cluster, or collection of islands) and a traditional district in the county of Nordland, ...
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Cycling Through Scandinavia

There are many ways to tour Scandinavian countries. You can take a cruise, go by train, take a tour bus ...
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Summer in Scandinavia

The summer months turn people’s thoughts to vacations and outdoor recreation - especially after the long winters in Scandinavia. Icelanders, ...
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Summer Vacation in Sweden with Kristin

Sommarlov (summer vacation) All Swedes have the right to five weeks vacation every year. Most take at least a few ...
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