How do weddings in the Nordic countries and the United States differ? Learn more about wedding traditions in Scandinavia.

Viking Weddings Of Yore

Scandinavian wedding traditions can add a lot of beauty and fun to a wedding plus can be a nice way ...
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A Norwegian Tragedy That Spawned a French Wedding Tradition

A guest blog from Anne Gillespie Lewis: A century ago, the Norwegian cargo ship, the SS Ymer, was torpedoed by ...
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Bridal Crown History from Norway

The bridal crown came in use at the end of the middle ages, with the Virgin Mary’s crown at the ...
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Bridal Crown History from Sweden

Wearing a crown and veil in Sweden is a custom steeped in tradition. In no other country has the church ...
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Ingebretsen’s Wedding Crowns

In Norway and Sweden the bride wearing a wedding crown is a tradition. We began offering bridal crown rentals in ...
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Danish Wedding Traditions

In Denmark, there is a traditional custom called the “Gate of Honor” which is an arch of pine branches built in ...
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Swedish Wedding Traditions – Past & Present

A Swedish bride of the 19th century wore a black 2-piece dress with a white collar. 
She also wore a headdress ...
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Norwegian Wedding Traditions

Norwegian weddings today look similar to those of the U.S. and other European countries. The typical bride wears a long white ...
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