With so many facets of Nordic culture to explore from five countries, the opportunities are endless. Wondering how to celebrate Nordic holidays and events? How to say “hygge?” Ingebretsen’s has answers for you.

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Sharing Your Stories

One hundred years is a rare milestone and all of us at Ingebretsen's know who to thank - our customers ...
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Lingonberry Cardamom Scones

Scones are the quintessential accompaniment to British tea, but they have been popularized worldwide in the last few decades thanks ...
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Celebrating Advent – Christmas Traditions

Scandinavian Christmas Whether you're looking to adopt new traditions or learn the history of practices your family has done for ...
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Applesauce with Elderflower Syrup and Cardamom

The apple, a plump and tasty member of the rose family, began its journey west as a small, unprepossessing, and ...
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Hazelnut Jam Bars

These bars are a special Nordic treat. Nordic, because hazelnuts have been a favorite food in Scandinavia for centuries; hazelnut ...
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Themes and variations on Fika favorites – Du Nord’s Frieda Liqueur and Glögg Cake

Glögg Cake and Quick Biscotti Recipe A cup of coffee and a slice of almond cake. For generations of Scandinavians ...
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Leif Erikson Day

Leif Erikson Day was declared a national holiday in 1964 by Lyndon B. Johnson. On October 9 each year, celebrations ...
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New Anniversary Stocking Kit

Christmas Stocking Pattern Ingebretsen's is celebrating its 100th Anniversary! In honor of 100 years on Lake Street in South Minneapolis, ...
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Savoring the End of Summer: Tomato & Cheese Dill Pie

Tomato & Cheese Dill Pie Recipe September gives us many gifts, with fresh garden tomatoes being one of the best ...
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Nothing Says “Happy Anniversary!” like a Salmon Recipe

Elegant and Easy Salmon Recipe Ingebretsen’s is 100 years old this year. As part of the celebration, we’ve launched a ...
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