With so many facets of Nordic culture to explore from five countries, the opportunities are endless. Wondering how to celebrate Nordic holidays and events? How to say “hygge?” Ingebretsen’s has answers for you.

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Midsummer Celebrations Schedule

Do you want to celebrate Midsummer but you're not sure where to go or how to do it? We've gathered ...
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Spring Cleaning – Cast Iron Care

How to care for your cast iron pan An essential in any kitchen, the cast iron pan: versatile, sturdy and ...
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Recycling for Earth Day

JULIE INGEBRETSEN ON SUSTAINABILITY AND RECYCLING EFFORTS “I’ve been obsessed with reducing waste for as long as I can remember. Where ...
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Mini Foraging Guide

We've put together a brief foraging guide, to help you get started. FORAGING Foraging has risen in popularity over the ...
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U.P. Pasties – What happens when Finns meet Celts

The meeting of Celtic and Finnic culture on the Iron Range gave the world more than the redoubtable St. Urho ...
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Sylvsmidja Sølje

Sylvsmidja has been crafting bunad silver for over 80 years. They specialize in traditional craftsmanship and quality to last generations, ...
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Danish Burning Love

Danish Burning Love, Brӕndade Kӕlighed, - the name is appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Whether the burning love is for bacon, ...
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The artist Mindy Schumacher standing in front of a chest of drawers with bobbins of thread on top.

Mindy Schumacher – Artist Feature

“I originally drew the snail and mushroom design for my daughter, and it has stood the test of time, “ ...
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Curried Fish Balls

I’ve heard numerous people, including Nordic chef Magnus Nilsson, speak about fish balls being a beloved comfort food from childhood onwards ...
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Small tomte girl holding a heart sign that says, "I love lutefisk."

Maybe lutefisk isn’t what you think it is

This is a blog post about lutefisk without a single lutefisk joke. That's because I feel sad for a perfectly ...
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