With so many facets of Nordic culture to explore from five countries, the opportunities are endless. Wondering how to celebrate Nordic holidays and events? How to say “hygge?” Ingebretsen’s has answers for you.

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The Law At Ingebretsen's, we are huge proponents of being outside throughout the year (you can read about Friluftsliv in ...
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Lee’s lemon pie with krumkake wafers

Every cook likes to have a signature dish. It's even better when it's a signature dish that family and friends ...
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Ham Balls from Grandma Iola

There is no time like the present to preserve the past. Annie Malsam is doing just that as she collects ...
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It’s Almost Time For Påskekrim (Easter Crime)

Norway is known as having one of the strangest holiday traditions - Påskekrim - reading about gruesome murders over the ...
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Simple smoked salmon tart and cucumber salad

A supremely simple smoked salmon tart with cucumber salad

When you invite friends over for dinner, there are usually one or two people who ask sincerely, “What can I ...
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The Power of Sisu

Have you ever seen the Finnish word, "sisu," [SEE-soo] and wondered what it meant? Sisu is at the root of ...
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What is St. Urho’s Day?

St. Urho's Day is one of those legends that has a blurry origin story. If you live in Minnesota you ...
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Appealing chocolate cake with minimal work

Fast and Fancy Cake with Cardamom-kissed Latte

“If I knew you were coming, I would have baked a cake!” It’s a warm, welcoming phrase and with Anne ...
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Marinated Beet Salad – An anniversary gift to Ingebretsen’s from The Norwegian Restaurant

“Congratulations to Ingebretsen’s on 100 years of incredible education, outreach, and dedication to your community.  Skål from your friends at The Norwegian ...
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January Sunshine: Orange Saffron Muffins

Oranges and saffron. Their flavors and color warm winter’s crisp aesthetic. Saffron gives a warm glow to Swedish baked goods ...
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