How to use Pairfect Sock Yarn

Have you ever wondered about self-patterning sock yarn?

This surprisingly easy trick makes knitting a stripey sock easy! As you knit in the round, the dyed yarn creates block patterns all by itself. We have been loving the Pairfect sock yarn by Arne & Carlos from Regia and wanted to share this unique yarn with you.

Late summer and early fall is the perfect time to start a cozy knitting project. As soon as winter hits, you will have a pair of fun vibrant socks to keep your feet warm, all from one skein! Choose your favorite color pattern, you can see them all here, and start something new.

How to knit a self-patterning sock


For this pair of socks we are using the following:

  • One skein of Pairfect Sock Yarn by Regia – shop here!
  • Mary Maxim’s Pairfect Sock Pattern (It’s free and you can download it here!)
  • One set of needles, either double pointed or circular if using the magic loop method – choose size you need to achieve the correct gauge in the pattern (I used size 1 DPNs)
  • Notions – scissors or snips, one stitch marker to mark the beginning of round, a tapestry needle to graft and weave in ends

The Pattern

You can download the pattern we used using the link above! These skeins, and this pattern, are designed for foot lengths 5-10.5″ – the pattern is at the “intermediate level,” I would recommend not choosing this skein for your first ever sock. Having a bit of knowledge of how to work a gusset and heel will be helpful for this basic pattern. The yarn is designed to work with almost any basic sock pattern, so if you already have one you like, it is worth a try.

Each skein also includes a basic pattern on the inside of the label to use as a reference for when the colors change!

Making a gauge swatch

This tool was designed with a measured window to help you count your stiches and find your gauge! A typical gauge swatch for this project would be about 4″ wide, knit in stockinette

Should you do it? Yes! I would recommend making a gauge swatch for any wearable knitted garment – but especially for this type of yarn, it is important to match the gauge so that the patterns line up correctly. The correct gauge for this pattern is 30 stitches and 42 rows to 4″

**Make sure to pull yarn from the center of the skein to start!

Yellow yarn marks the beginning of each sock, so that the patterns and colors will match! Cut it off before casting on for the cuff.


Casting on double pointed needles, with my cut off yellow yarn

Casting on

I ended up using the smallest size in the pattern, but if you’re trying to make a larger sock, you can use the medium or large sizes. The sizing information in this pattern is not the most clear. This size is based off your finished foot length (small 5″ medium 7″ large 10.5″).

Cast on using your favorite stretchy cast on, I used the long tail cast on and cast on 56 stitches. This pattern is color coded, so once the color changes, it marks what the next step is! For this colorway, the cuff will be solid green.

When the yarn changes color, you can begin stockinette for the leg. You can see how the color change looks in the photo below.


Knitting the Leg

Knit in the round until you reach the final color change before working the heel. For this skein, it will be a final blue and brown stripe, bordering a green heel. The leg on these socks is long, about 8 inches.

You can see the color change in the yarn here from blue to green, marking the time to start setting up the stitches for the heel! Find this exact color yarn here.

Heel & Foot

Once you reach the color change in the photo above, follow the pattern for dividing heel stitches and making the heel flap. Turn heel and then knit the gusset and instep, following the pattern. Knit until you reach a length 2″ shorter than your total foot length. Begin toe shaping and follow the pattern to “graft” in kitchener stitch to connect your last 8 stitches!

Congratulate yourself and start on the second sock to make a pair. Using yarn from the center, find the yellow yarn that marks the beginning and cut it off. You’re ready to cast on the second sock.

Buy Pairfect Sock Yarn Here!

And make your own pair, as a gift or for yourself!

Photos by Laila Simon

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