Australia Needs Your Help

We’ve all been watching the devastation taking place in Australia with the wildfires. Efforts are being taken to save not just humans and property but the wildlife. It is estimated that close to a billion animals have already been lost to this fire. One thing that is helping is people are knitting, crocheting, and sewing… More Australia Needs Your Help

Ingebretsen’s teacher profile: Kate Running

When you visit Ingebretsen’s and see the SKHR knitting patterns in our needlework store or read the posters for upcoming classes, you see Kate Running’s signature design style: crisp, bright, high contrast, and with a contemporary Nordic touch. Her knitting classes at Ingebretsen’s are popular because her teaching style parallels her visual art  – Kate… More Ingebretsen’s teacher profile: Kate Running

Star of Norwegian Knitting

The Atlantic had a great article about the star that has become a symbol of Norway. Today the selburose is an emblem of winter, and Christmas, and most of all Norway. But Norwegians didn’t invent it so much as they popularized the pattern. Precursors arose in the ancient Fertile Crescent and evolved over centuries throughout… More Star of Norwegian Knitting