Ingebretsen’s Mini Christmas Gift Guide

In the days leading up to our busiest holiday we thought we would put together a miniature Ingebretsen’s guide of special gifts. It’s not too late to find a meaningful Nordic-inspired Christmas gift for your loved ones. Traditional Gifts Swedish Angel Chimes Post-war migration brought Swedes to the United States in the 1940s and 50s,… More Ingebretsen’s Mini Christmas Gift Guide

Æbleskiver For All

Æbleskiver – a Danish Sweet Treat One of our favorite Scandinavian breakfast goods are these delicious pancake balls from Denmark, æbleskiver. Light and fluffy, savory and sweet, æbleskiver have gained global popularity over the last decade. Like many Nordic foods, æbleskiver do require a special pan, aside from that, they can be quite easy to… More Æbleskiver For All

Embroidery Kits

Quickly becoming an Ingebretsen’s favorite and bestseller, we can’t get enough of the intricate embroidery kits from Hook Line & Tinker! From design to production, this Canadian brand values small batch craftsmanship, sustainability, and the value of making and sharing art. Hook Line & Tinker started in 2017. They have grown a lot since then… More Embroidery Kits