Ekelund – An Ingebretsen’s Favorite

kurbitsblom towel
One of our favorites – a classic Kurbits with a Dala Horse – photos courtesy of Ekelund

Vendor Feature – Ekelund

This Swedish brand is a staff favorite, a customer favorite, and an ecologically minded company rooted in cultural traditions: Ekelund Master Weavers. Ekelund is a family owned business and one of the oldest family textile businesses in the world. Shop table linens here.

Why we love it

If you look purely at Ekelund’s variety of designs and patterns, you’ll see why their runners, towels, and blankets are beloved. A staff of 30 manages the company’s facility in Horred, Sweden, and they sell to retailers around the globe. Ekelund prides itself on designing timeless designs that can become heirloom pieces and make your home a place you look forward to being in.

For 18 generations, since the company as we know it today began in 1692, Ekelund combines craftsmanship and innovation. Traditional motifs mingle with modern patterns. They even have a special patented ‘rainbow’ technique (aka pixel weaving).

A sustainable approach

Every textile from Ekelund is 100% organic cotton. In their factory, they utilize rainwater for their plumbing and to cool their machines. They are now officially environmentally certified in Sweden by Ecocert Greenlife, which takes into consideration production from start to finish, as well as social requirements such as salaries and employee union opportunities.

fruktrik runner
The Fruktrik Runner – a fall and winter spread

Alongside these certifications and accolades, the textiles themselves are made to last. And this intention is what makes their products so popular.

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The story actually begins with illegal textile trading! Ingemar Larsson was guilty in the court records of illegally selling textiles that he received as payment for a loan. After this skirmish, he took a new direction and instead of resale he began supplying the raw materials and instructions for weaving. This legal, “self-made” product started the Ekelund business, which Ingemar’s daughter, Marta Ingemarsdotter, later took on. The area now known as Horred, became notable for it’s weaving technology. Drällvävning is one method that originated in Horred, and creates complex designs. Ingemar’s family took part in the evolution of these techniques.

Holiday ready

stugan towel
Stugan Towel – a winter tomte home

Many of our customers come in to get their holiday tables ready with Ekelund runners. Their imagery is varied and perfect for all kinds of décor. Soft and sturdy cotton, with a tight weave to repel spills and stains.

Matching towels can complete your holiday look. And especially these tomte designs that might be too adorable to dry your hands on! Each towel comes with the perfect loop to hang. Shop kitchen towels here.

tomte runner
The Tipp Tapp Runner is a Christmas favorite with small tomtar hiding in the trees

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  1. I bought the red Christmas electric candelabra years ago and heard that you have the answer on how to get it to light up again. Is it replacing the fuse?
    Model number E182104

    1. The first place to start, after making sure all of the bulbs are live, is to make sure the copper tabs in the base of each light is pulled up enough to make contact with the bottom of the bulb. This can be done gently with a screw driver or any small utensil! If you are close to the shop you can bring it in and we can help. We typically charge $5 per candelabra plus any bulbs that need replacing. We don’t replace any of the electrical components in the shop.

  2. My mother told me she and my aunt were raised by Uncle Harald Ekeland that had a textile company in Oslo???? How is this not a coincidence??? He brought them to America in 1946 at the end of the war.,

  3. I have been a big fan of Ekeland textiles for a few years now! They are beautiful and durable with a just-right heft to them. I have gradually acquired a runner for my buffet for each season and had just been thinking I need a summer runner when I got the email about this blog post. Perfect timing.

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