Ingebretsen’s Mini Christmas Gift Guide

In the days leading up to our busiest holiday we thought we would put together a miniature Ingebretsen’s guide of special gifts. It’s not too late to find a meaningful Nordic-inspired Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Traditional Gifts

Swedish Angel Chimes

Swedish Angel Chimes

Post-war migration brought Swedes to the United States in the 1940s and 50s, and with them came these angel chimes. The design originally comes from Germany and was made of wood. The lighter and sleeker brass cuts were made in Sweden and became a symbol of hope and light in a dark world. The heat from four chime size candles hits the fan at the top, moving the hanging angels in a clockwise circle and with them, their delicate hanging chimes. These chimes (Änglaspel in Swedish) are still popular today throughout Europe and on many Scandinavian American holiday tables. A Christmas candle holder, with a history, that can be enjoyed through long winter months.

Pepparkakor and the Nordic Night Mug

Nyåkers Pepparkakor Traditional Box

From the oldest biscuit factory in Sweden, these gingersnaps spread holiday cheer. This year they have been rereleased in a restored vintage designed box. Tasty and authentic, great for sharing or keeping all to yourself!

Find more cookies here.

The 2022 Annual Pewter Ornament

The Tinn Per pewter foundry, outside of Oslo in Hønefoss, specializes in authentic Norwegian ornaments, housewares, and jewelry. Each year they craft a new ornament, and this year it is a Jul Neg, a straw bundle to feed the birds. A perfect addition to your tree, from Norway.

2022 Annual Pewter Ornament

Pepparkakor Goats Julrader

Julrader are traditional in Swedish and Scandinavian homes as Christmas decor. These paper accordion style designs stand on their own and come in adorable vintage designs, often featuring as mischievous tomte.

Pepparkakor Goats Julrader

Culinary Exploration

Who doesn’t want a warm fresh stack of Norwegian waffles?

Five Heart Waffle Iron

A staff and customer favorite that earned it’s place in the Ingebretsen’s Gift Guide! Gather with your loved ones and give the gift of an experience. Time together, cooking and sharing traditions is one of the best gifts you can give. Add a five heart waffle iron to your collection, to make this traditional Norwegian treat anytime.

Krumkake Iron

The double krumkake iron from Cucina Pro is ideal for making krumkaker with at least four hands, plus it goes twice as fast! Krumkaker are delicious and light cone shaped cookies, they can be eaten plain or filled with whipped cream or other fillings of your choice. They are traditional during the holiday season in Norway.

(You can also go the stove top route, an iron that will last generations from Nordic Ware.)

Krumkake Memories Card


Locally Made Gifts

Rolling Pin Cleaning Brush

Lefse rolling pin and companion cleaning brush!

Have a lefse maker in your family? This brush is the answer to the question: what to get for the cook who has everything? Made in Minnesota by Lokstad Products. Lokstad’s is a Norwegian American family business with the highest quality craftsmanship. Great for stuffing into a stocking and has a built in hole for hanging. It might be time to upgrade your lefse rolling pin as well.



Glogg Mulling Spice

Glögg Mulling Spice Blend

From Nordic Goods of Minneapolis, the same brand that brings us Vanilla Sugar and Cinnamon Sugar, is a blend of traditional mulling spices. Perfect for making glögg (Nordic mulled wine) or adding to your favorite apple cider. This mix will make your house smell like Christmas! Enough for six half-gallon batches.




2022 Icons Ornament – First Edition

A First Edition this year! This collectible ornament features the Draken Viking Ship. Every year will depict a new Scandinavian icon image. Made in Minnesota.

2022 Scandinavian Icons Ornament



Glædelig Jul – Hyvää Joulua – Gleðileg Jól – God Jul from all of us here at Ingebretsen’s Nordic Marketplace!


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