Spice Up Your Life

When people say they want to add some spice to their life it is usually because their life is a little bland and needs something added to rev it up. This often leads to bad choices of hair coloring/hair pieces, sports cars or motorcycles, and other “spicy” things.

In the culinary world it is much the same. Spices make food and beverages taste better and/or different.

Now there is a saying that for Scandinavians ketchup is a spice but that’s not always true – sometimes it’s true, but not always.

Ingebretsen’s carries some great culinary spices that you won’t find at the supermarket. If you haven’t explored them on our website or in the store here are a few of our customers favorites:

Danish Viking Sea Salt – Our Bestseller

“Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt from Salt Traders, is smoked in Denmark with juniper, cherry, elm, beech and oak, using techniques that the Vikings had first implemented. This luxurious, aromatic, flavorful sea salt has a smoky, rich, mildly sweet taste. It has intense flavor and a little goes a long way. An excellent finishing salt, it is great with seafood, pork, poultry and vegetables. This is truly one of the world’s best salts.”

The Danish Viking Sea Salt is a finishing salt so it is usually added after cooking. The creators this sea salt have a few suggestions for use:

  • Season steaks and chops after cooking.
  • Great on fish, especially salmon.
  • Season bean or lentil soup.
  • Toss with steamed vegetables and unsalted butter.
  • Use in creamed corn or corn chowder.
  • Sprinkle on savory tarts and quiches.
  • Season any of your favorite egg preparations.
  • Sprinkle on baked or mashed potatoes.
  • Use a few grains in a Bloody Mary for a smoky twist on this classic cocktail.
  • Add a few grains to a bowl of ice cream with chocolate or caramel sauce.

10,000 Lakes Fish Seasoning

“10,000 lakes equals a whole lotta fish in Minnesota. . .and that can be reel-y good eating! Your catch will be even tastier with our extra special seasoning blend of onion and garlic, combined with lemon zest and a kick of cayenne. Simply sprinkle liberally on filets before you cook ’em, or if you are a batter lover just mix it right in. Boneless Appetit!” – Wayzata Bay Spice Company

Ole & Lena Spice Blend (Not a joke ya know)

“Us folk with a Norwegian background don’t like things too spicy, don’t ya know. Even black pepper is gettin’ a little too much for us to take. Now our friend Sven, he’s from down south in Sweden, and they even eat catsup there. That’s livin’ on the edge, I tell ya. Not us. We like things cool and predictable. That’s why we use Ole & Lena’s seasoning. Good ol’ salt and pepper. Perfect for the Northland. (Councilor’s advisory: This seasoning contains only salt and pepper. There is no Ole or Lena. These are made up characters. Catsup is not considered a spice, in Minnesota, Sweden or anywhere else. Maybe in Norway. Made for consumption by any person: you do not have to be from the “Northland”. Thank you for your support.)” – Wayzata Bay Spice Company

Northern Lights Seasoning

“People asked us to create a Minnesota seasoning but joked it couldn’t contain anything but salt or it would be too spicy. We disagree! We made a seasoning with the aroma and flavor of cooking at the family cabin with overtones of hickory, wild berries and herbs. Try Northern Lights on fish (especially salmon), chicken and pork. It’s great on veggies and in wild rice soup. It’s unique and really versatile – that’s why it’s our best seller!” – Wayzata Bay Spice Company

Scandinavian Cardamom Sugar

Over the years, cardamom has come to be a staple in the Scandinavian baking pantry, so much so that it makes up one of the most significant markets for cardamom export. The entire European Union imports over 1,200 tons of cardamom a year, worth about $6 million, and Sweden tops its lists of leading markets. Per capita use of cardamom is about 60% more in Sweden than it is in the U.S.

It might sound odd to say, but if you want a little taste of Sweden, just add cardamom.

Sprinkled on buttered toast, added to your coffee or tea, or included in your favorite cookie recipe. This will become a favorite in your kitchen!

“This exotic, sweet concoction will make your taste buds jump! It is fantastic in coffee and tea, giving them a “hint” of chai-like spice. Sprinkle it on top of sugar cookies and other sweet baked goods to give them a great flavor that will impress your guests and family. When making dishes with curry powders that call for sugar, substitute this Cardamom Sugar for the sugar in the recipe to make your creation even more rich and tasty! Enjoy.”– Wayzata Bay Spice Company

All of these are available in the store and online.