Spice Up Your Life

When people say they want to add some spice to their life it is usually because their life is a little bland and needs something added to rev it up. This often leads to bad choices of hair coloring/hair pieces, sports cars or motorcycles, and other “spicy” things. In the culinary world it is much… More Spice Up Your Life

Heart-Shaped Cardamom & Cream Waffles

By Beatrice Ojakangas 
from The Great Scandinavian Baking Book Some helpful tips and ingredients for serving up these wonderful waffles: The easy-to-use, electric, non-stick 5 Heart Waffle Iron Our Dried Cardamom Seeds Also, l.c.finn’s Cardamom Extract is a great substitute for ground cardamom – 1/2 tsp extract=1 tsp ground cardamom Read about wonderful Cardamom here… More Heart-Shaped Cardamom & Cream Waffles

Cardamom: the backbone of northern European baking

By the early 1970s, the tiny Scandinavian and German grocery stores in my hometown (some housed in attached garages, which was very handy for neighborhood customers but probably a bit dubious from a food safety standpoint) had been put out of business by the chain stores. The rich ethnic spices and flavorings carried by these… More Cardamom: the backbone of northern European baking