Curl Up For an Olympic Read

Today we’re talking about curlers. No not those curlers: 

we’re talking about these curlers:

Norwegian curlers to be exact. Curling is part of the Winter Olympics and the Norwegian curling team is the talk of the town. But not necessarily for their prowess on the sheets. No not these sheets:

But these sheets:


Sheets, by the way, is the name of the ice surface where curling is played.

They are a hot topic with social media because of the fashion statement they are making this year and have been making since 2010 in Vancouver. It was in Vancouver  that the curling team began wearing a uniform that has been described as hideous, marvelous, retro, avant garde, hysterical, and historical.


The team won the silver medal in 2010 for curling and the gold medal for fun.

In 2014 for the games in Sochi the team and pants were back – but with a total outfit this time. They made a stop in New York to help pedestrians “sweep” across the icy streets.


They did not medal in 2014, but they were still the topic of much conversation. At a curling competition in Vegas in 2016 the team demonstrated another talent — putting on their pants without hands:


So they are back in 2018, and looking as dapper as ever. They even had special pants for Valentine’s Day!

Of course there is more to a team than their pants — I honestly never thought that was a sentence I would write.

You can meet the Norwegian men’s team here.

And grab a cab with them here:


Norway also has a mixed doubles curling team. They are Kristin Skaslien / Magnus Nedregotten.

Unfortunately they just missed the Bronze medal in a loss to the “Russian” team.

Not well known for their pants, the Swedish team is a contender for gold and is currently the leader on the board.  You can meet the captain Niklas Edin here:


In fact Sweden has a men’s team and a women’s team.

Denmark also have a men’s and women’s team. Finland has a mixed team.

And if you want to know more about curling here is pretty much everything you need to know:


except, of course, what to wear.


Written by Mary Hirsch