Atlantic Crossing

Norway During World War II

PBS’s new Masterpiece series – Atlantic Crossing – centers on the dramatic story of Franklin Roosevelt (Kyle MacLachlan) and Norwegian Crown Princess Martha (Sofia Helin) (pictured right), who fled Nazi occupation during World War II with her three children. Inspired by true events, this series will be eight episodes spanning 1940-1945 when the Princess moves to the United States and the Prince to Buckingham palace.

Atlantic Crossing features just one of the countless incredible stories of Norwegians under German occupation. We’ve gathered some of Ingebretsen’s favorite Norwegian resistance books here for you to explore! There’s always more to the story.

The Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb (Nonfiction)

The Winter Fortress

In 1942 the Nazis were plotting to build an atomic bomb. They needed one special ingredient, heavy water, produced in the castle fortress at Norway’s Vemork, set on a precipitous gorge in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. With never before seen diaries and letters of the saboteurs, this arresting chronicle tells of how the Allies learned of the importance of this plant, and the “impossible” mission that came about through incredible odds to destroy it.



The 12th Man

The 12th Man by by Astrid Karlsen Scott and Dr. Tore Haug

Years of detailed research and interviews reveal the true story of Jan Baalsrud, sole wounded survivor of a resistance team as he struggled to make his escape while pursued by German Gestapo through the arctic Troms District in 1943. Photographs and maps help illustrate his courage and perseverance along with the selfless sacrifice of those who aided him make to his story an inspiration. Now an international film. Previously published as Defiant Courage.


The Sledge Patrol by David Howarth




The Sledge Patrol

In 1943 a group of brave Danish and Norwegian hunters carried out one of the most dramatic operations of World War II. Using dogsleds to patrol a stark 500-mile stretch of the Greenland coast, their wartime mission was to guard against Nazi interlopers – an unlikely scenario given the cruel climate. This is the tensely exciting true tale of how the men of the Sledge Patrol fought capture or death in desolation by outwitting and outlasting the enemy. A saga of human skill, faith, and endurance – and one of the most remarkable allied victories ever recorded.


Skis Against the Atom

A firsthand account by celebrated Norwegian war hero Knut Haukelid. The outcome of World War II could very possibly have been much different if Haukelid and his small, but courageous band of Norwegian soldiers had not been successful in sabotaging the Nazi’s supply of heavy water. The heavy water produced at a facility occupied Norway was vital to Hitler’s race with the United States to develop the atomic bomb. This book gives the reader an intimate account of the valiant and self-sacrificing service that the not-to-be-subdued Norwegians performed for the whole free world.


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