More about Scandinavia Day at the Midtown Farmers Market…

The Midtown Farmers Market is about good food and good neighbors, which is why Ingebretsen’s is pleased to be a Market co-sponsor that day. We are sharing that honor with Danebo, the Danish-American Center. We will be giving a Nordic flavor to the Market from 8 am to 1 pm.

Anne Gillespie-Lewis, author of Ingebretsen’s Saga, will be at the Market signing copies. The book is subtitled, “A family, A store, A legacy in food.” That pretty well sums up the contents. Anne will be bringing samples of that legacy in food to the market. “Ingebretsen’s Saga has a recipe for every taste. Some are old Scandinavian standards while others, such as a meatball pie recipe, give a new twist to a familiar ingredient. We even give a nod to the increasingly international character of East Lake Street with the Norwegian burrito, a sheet of lefse wrapped around a filling of smoked salmon and sour cream,” says Anne.

Ingebretsen's Saga

In the process of developing the recipes, Anne fed friends, family, and the Ingebretsen’s staff numerous times. We enjoyed the days that Anne arrived at the store with trays of food in hand, though the day she arrived with cocktail ingredients and proceeded to test drinks like “Maelstrom” and “Midnight Sun” was probably our favorite. We hope that she will want to write a sequel someday soon.

Kari Tauring will also be at the market on Saturday. A musician and story-teller (recently labeled a “Eurotrad” musician in a Huffington Post article, Kari will sing some of the truly ancient tunes as well as her own compositions. Families thoroughly enjoy Kari’s Nordic Story Hour at the store, just as Farmers Market shoppers will enjoy her animated and entertaining style.

So wander down to the Midtown Farmers Market. There’s ample parking, an abundance of food and crafts, some delicious aebelskiver courtesy of Danebo, and all sorts of Ingebretsen’s folks there. There’s even good strong coffee available for folks who usually spend their Saturday mornings sleeping. This Saturday will definitely be worth the effort of rolling out of bed before noon.

-Carstens Smith

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  1. Scandinavia Day at the Market is this Saturday, September 14. Please see Aaron’s post below for even more information.

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