Saying Thank You

We see a lot of posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even videos on television of people thanking those people who are keeping us going at this time — nurses, doctors, health care workers, fire fighters, police officers, EMTs, shelf stockers, delivery people, etc.

These are great but there is nothing like a handwritten note, something you can touch and hold and keep, when it comes to saying thank you.

Our suggestion is you write a thank you note to the places and people who are helping you. It doesn’t have to be a specific person but it can be addressed to “Everyone” and sent to a specific store/clinic/station, etc. It doesn’t have to be long … it can just be “Thanks for being there. I appreciate it.” If you have kids at home they could create a thank you picture to go with it. It is a wonderful way to thank these essential people taking care of us.

And, by the way, you don’t have to leave your home to mail a letter. Your mail carrier (another person to thank) will take your note and make sure it gets into the mail.

We had a post about a year and a half ago about writing letters and how therapeutic it can be for the sender and the recipient. You can find it here.

And while you are writing notes don’t forget the people you know who may be home alone and could use something to lift their spirits.