Sámi Day at Ingebretsen’s, a Twin Cities Tradition

Join us this coming Saturday, December 6, from 11 to 3 (2014).

Sámi Siida of North America is so thankful for Ingebretsen’s support over the years, including our annual winter gathering at their store right before the holidays!  This year, our focus will be on traditions.

Our special guest will be Marie Kvernmo from Sápmi. Marie, a member of the Sámi Jienat Choir, is a talented singer and will present a program on Yoik, the traditional vocal music expression of the Sámi. She will present her program at 11:30a.m.

Over the past year, Ingebretsen’s has participated in the tradition of duodji (traditional artistic handcrafts with a purpose) by hosting a variety of classes on Sámi mitten knitting by Laura Ricketts.  Throughout the day, duodji will be on display in the Ingebretsen’s classroom along with general information about Sámi culture. Authors’ Publisher books will be provided as door prizes. Kurt Seaberg’s calendars will be available for purchase, as well as other Sami themed items.

A sampling of the mittens knit during Laura Rickett's class.
A sampling of the mittens knit during Laura Rickett’s class

We invite folks of all ages to come and visit. Buresboahtin! (Welcome!)

– Anessa Andersland, Community and Culture Representative

[The Sámi, are the indigenous people of northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. This area is called Sápmi .Today, there are approximately 80,000 Sámi living in Sápmi.]

The many traditional patterns reflect a rich tradition.
The many traditional patterns reflect a rich tradition