Ingebretsen’s – A Perfect Backdrop for Norwegian Television

Sapmi-1NRK Sápmi Reporter Berit Solveig Gaup fits SSNA Chair John Edward Xavier with a handmade Sami tie while NRK Sápmi photographer Vanja Ulfsnes tapes the goings on.

With thanks to our guest blogger, Anessa Andersland…

In February, Ingebretsen’s was host to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and the Sámi Siida of North America. NRK Sápmi was in Minnesota to report on how Sámi Americans celebrate Sámi National Day, as well as to tape other stories about Sámi Americans.

The visit was in the works since last autumn, when NRK Sápmi approached the Siida about covering Ingebretsen’s own Sámi Day on the first Saturday of December. Julie Ingebretsen and Carstens Smith graciously agreed to the filming on a busy holiday weekend, but NRK needed to reschedule the date.

Plans were then made to cover the Twin Cities Duodji Group celebratory gathering for Sámi National Day.  Duodji is the Sámi term for crafts that are useful as well as have an artistic aesthetic.   The Duodji Group was started by Marie Kvernmo, who visited Minnesota for several months in 2014. Marie Kvernmo is a performance artist and a duojar (craftswoman) who holds a master’s in indigenous studies.  Siida Chair John Xavier states, “Marie Kvernmo has had a major impact on our communities in Sámi North America, and has helped us all in our efforts to be social with each other and to do such as wood-carving, knitting, weaving, and so much more.”


Berit Solveig Gaup takes a brief break from reporting to participate in the Duodji Group with Evelyn Ashford

Ultimately, the segment for Sámi Day was taped the day before the officially celebrated day due to the time difference and the need to have a produced segment on television the next day.  The NRK Sápmi team, Monica Falao Pettersen, Berit Solveig Gaup, and Vanja Ulfsnes, worked into the night to produce their news stories so that their coverage on television, radio, and online news would appear the next day.


Twin Cities members of the Sámi Siida of North America took a turn with their camera and captured (from left) Berit Solveig Gaup, Monica Falao Pettersen, and Vanja Ulfsnes.

Carstens Smith was on hand to provide Ingebretsen’s hospitality, and the journalists from Norway couldn’t have been nicer. It was a winning combination! “Once more” John Xavier states, “Ingebretsen’s has reached out to the larger Nordic communities. Here we had a major effort by NRK to relate the various s stories of Sámi in North America. Giitu (thanks) to both Ingebretsen’s and NRK Sápmi.”  You can view the final product of NRK’s visit to Ingebretsen’s here after the eight minute mark:

-Anessa Andersland