Hygge Vocabulary

The word “hygge” is often translated as cozy or a sense of well-being. And I’ve discovered there is a whole world of hygge words that are part of the concept. In this post I’ll share a few of my favorites.

Four seasons of hygge:

  • Forårshygge (spring hygge)
  • Sommerhygge (summer hygge)
  • Efterårshygge (autumn hygge)
  • Vinterhygge (winter hygge)

Familiehygge (family-hygge). When you set about to create a gathering time with family to eat together, play games, watch a movie, anything that creates that feeling of hygge.

Filmhygge (film-hygge, of course) Enjoying a film with family, friends, or yourself and a furry friend (see Vovsehygge).

Fødselsdagshygge (birthday-hygge) Being with family and friends celebrating your birthday in the way that you like.

Sondagshygge (Sunday hygge) Taking it easy, relaxing with family or friends. Ingebretsen’s practices Sondagshygge by being closed on Sundays so everyone can be sure to have that one day to come together.


Hyggebajer or Bajerhygge. Hygge with a beer. Skol!!!

Hyggebukser (hygge pants) That pair of pants you wear at home but would not wear in public. Admit it, you have at least one pair of hyggebukser and would live in them if you could.

Baggrundshygge (background-hygge) This can be background noises that are either chosen such as music but is often just a sound that evokes hygge like friends chatting and laughing, kids playing, birds chirping.

Hyggeonkel (the uncle of hygge) A person who plays with the kids, probably spoils them and lets them get away with a little bit of mischief. Hyggetante is a hygge aunt.

Hyggekryds – Doing a crossword puzzle for relaxation and pleasure.

Hyggebamse (hygge-teddy) That little stuffed critter that gives you a feeling of comfort or coziness.

Vovsehygge (dog hygge) Practicing hygge in the company of your dog. And dogs instinctively know how to hygge. Katthygge is also a wonderful practice.

Hyggesnakkede (hygge talk) A wonderful conversation with friends and family that is more chitchat and doesn’t include controversial (i.e. political) issues.

You can actually create your own “hygge” word. You can have your hygge socks to go with your hygge pants; a hygge sweet to eat on your Sondagshygge; or maybe a hygge spot to enjoy your Bajerhygge.

So go forth and hygge.


Written by Mary Hirsch