Genealogy Resources

Here are some resources in Minnesota for you to find out more about your Scandinavian roots. We are fortunate to have individual genealogy groups in Minnesota plus the Minnesota Genealogical Society. Below is some basic information plus contact information. Meeting dates/places may have changed so confirm this information with the specific group.

Minnesota Genealogical Society


Welcome to the Minnesota Genealogical Society, Minnesota’s largest and most comprehensive family history research organization. Whether you have Minnesota connections or not, we invite you to join us in pursuit of your family history.

We are a 100% Volunteer organization. Delays may occur when sending requests. For LibraryHours, please see our Library Page.


National Danish-American Genealogical Society (NDAGS)

Our Mission

  • Provide an organization that people interested in Danish genealogy and family history can join no matter where they live.
  • Exchange ideas related to both Danish genealogy and general genealogy research and methodology, with a network of members ranging from new beginners to seasoned experts.
  • Provide informative instruction on a range of genealogy topics
  • Encourage interest in Danish heritage and culture
  • Encourage research and writing of family, emigration, immigration, and settlement histories 


Finnish Genealogy Group of Minnesota

Tervetuloa (Welcome)

The purpose of the group is to promote and facilitate genealogical research through educational activities and programs. To this end, it will schedule meetings with a balance between formal presentations and opportunities for sharing information and resources among members.

The Finnish Genealogy Group of Minnesota is a 501(c)(7) social organization operating for the benefit of its membership.

We organize monthly meetings from September to May. 


You can visit Icelandic Roots for links and help.
Contact: Patricia Allred 612-729-0456 


Norwegian-American Genealogy Association

Our Mission

  • Expand knowledge of, and encourage interest in, Norwegian ancestry and heritage
  • Exchange ideas relating to genealogical research and methods
  • Provide instruction on topics of interest to members
  • Encourage the writing of family, emigration, immigration and settlement histories
  • Collect and preserve Norwegian genealogical reference materials for people who are interested in researching their Norwegian ancestry.


Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota

We were founded in March 1983. Our bylaws state that the purpose of this organization shall be to:

  • Encourage interest in and expand knowledge of Swedish ancestry and heritage.
  • Exchange ideas relating to genealogical research and methodology.
  • Provide instruction on topics of interest to members.
  • Expand awareness of Swedish society and culture.
  • Encourage the research and writing of family, emigration/immigration and settlement histories, and publication of Swedish genealogical material.

We have quarterly meetings and there are always research and translation helpers at the meetings. The 3rd Thursday of every month our research and translation teams are at the MGS Library for Swedish research day.