Finland’s Emojis Summer Style

Finland is the first country in the world to publish its own set of country themed emojis. We have shared a few of those before but more have been added and today we are sharing emojis that are all about summer – both in Finland and here.

FASHIONISTA FINNS — The feeling of “smart casual”

It doesn’t get much more Finnish than this. For us, smart casual means being smart in terms of not getting your feet cold. Sandals make it a casual combo!

PESÄPALLO — The feeling of love and hate

You either love or hate it, the Finnish baseball. At schools, kids were divided into two teams by the captains, usually the best players. Those who were chosen first, love our national sport, those who were chosen last, hate it. In the end, the finesse of the game conquers the hate and we play pesäpallo all summer long in backyards, school grounds and with work teams and friends. One thing we all love about the game: we are the World Champions in one sport every single year.

WHITE NIGHTS — We are alive!

It is sunny when you get up and it is sunny when you go to bed. Imagine walking home from a bar at 4 am and it’s as sunny as when you woke up 20 hours before. Who would want to (or need to) sleep when the days are endless and the light is white? Warning: love is in the air at this time of year – most of the Finnish babies are born nine months after juhannus, the midsummer festival.

OUT OF OFFICE — Back to the basics

In Finland we have this saying ‘to put your brain in the cloakroom.’ And that’s what we do in the summertime every Friday after work and in July, when the whole of Finland is out of office. If you try to reach a Finnish person in July, prepare for a voice mail message saying ”the person you are calling, has gone fishing.” Almost every tenth Finn has their own summer cottage as there are over 500,000 summer cottages in Finland.


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