Woodturning With Phil Holtan

A regular during Ingebretsen’s annual week of craft demonstrations, Phil Holtan, a professional woodturner, is always a crowd pleaser! His visit’s are an unique opportunity to see a demonstration of woodturning and speak with artist behind the lathe. What is woodturning? Woodturning is a unique form of woodworking that uses a tool called a lathe.… More Woodturning With Phil Holtan

Teacher Profile: Kate Sterner with Singlade bollar

There is a basket on a table in Ingebretsen’s Needlework Store, piled high with colorful, stitched balls in a variety of patterns, all made by Kate Sterner. “I didn’t even have a word for them until I started to do research. I wrote to Hemslӧjden (The National Association of Swedish Handcraft Societies),” says Kate. “They… More Teacher Profile: Kate Sterner with Singlade bollar