D is for Duodji

Anessa Andersland is the guest writer for this post. Anessa is the North American marketing agent for  ČálliidLágádus / Authors’ Publisher, a Sámi  publishing company. She helps coordinate our annual Sámi Day at Ingebretsen’s, which is this coming Saturday. In this post, she will explain some of what you’ll see there.  Duodji (doy – gee): the Sámi name… More D is for Duodji

Spin In!

The drop spindle is one of the oldest tools known to mankind – it has been in use since an estimated 25,000 – 35,000 years ago. But what on earth is it, and why would anyone want to use one? (And why is Ingebretsen’s having a demo/drop-in participation day for it?) In its most simple… More Spin In!