Icelandic Luxury and Lace

When lace weight Einband yarn arrived at the store this winter, it opened the door to Icelandic knitting pre-Lopi sweaters. Those iconic round-yoked pullovers and cardigans? It turns out they’ve only been a tradition in Iceland since the mid-1900s. Lace knitting came along two or three generations earlier. Imagine what a change lace patterns represented.… More Icelandic Luxury and Lace

Skål to Aquavit!

Subtitles were rarely brief in 1616. An early Danish cookbook was no exception. Simply named Cookbook, the subtitle told all: Containing A hundred useful pieces, Which are about brewing, baking, cooking, aquavit and mead to make, as is useful in householding & which before not in our Danish Language is issued in print. The subtitle… More Skål to Aquavit!