Hazelnut Jam Bars

These bars are a special Nordic treat. Nordic, because hazelnuts have been a favorite food in Scandinavia for centuries; hazelnut shells have been found in excavation of Viking settlements, with particularly large quantities found at Hedeby. They’re a treat because, sigh, hazelnuts have become expensive. If you are baking a gift and you really want… More Hazelnut Jam Bars

Lynn’s Æbleskiver (Thanks Lynn)

Æbleskiver (pronounced ah-bel-skee-ver), are traditional Danish Pancake Balls. Similar to European pancakes crossed with a popover or Yorkshire pudding, Æbleskiver are solid like a pancake but light and fluffy like a popover. These delicious balls are usually filled with berry preserves, but are amazingly delicious with small savory fillings too. Cooked in an Æbleskiver Pan, they easily can become a tradition… More Lynn’s Æbleskiver (Thanks Lynn)