Mini Foraging Guide

We’ve put together a brief foraging guide, to help you get started. FORAGING Foraging has risen in popularity over the last decade, especially in Scandinavia where New Nordic Cuisine shines a light on hyper seasonal and local food. Aside from rare plants and large scale chopping of trees or branches, the Swedish forests and meadows… More Mini Foraging Guide

Nettles – A Food for Feast and Famine

Nettles are disliked by gardeners and hikers, but appreciated in cuisines throughout the Northern hemisphere as a source of cheap, nutritious fare. Many people associate the green with foods eaten during famines and economic downturns, but its image is on the rise. Anne Gillespie Lewis, food writer and author of The Ingebretsen’s Saga, points out… More Nettles – A Food for Feast and Famine