A supremely simple smoked salmon tart with cucumber salad

When you invite friends over for dinner, there are usually one or two people who ask sincerely, “What can I do to help?” Line up the ingredients for the simple smoked salmon tart, hand your new assistant a printout of the recipe, and say, “Here. Please make this.” Assembling the tart is easy. Pinching the… More A supremely simple smoked salmon tart with cucumber salad

The Power of Sisu

Have you ever seen the Finnish word, “sisu,” [SEE-soo] and wondered what it meant? Sisu is at the root of the culture of Finland. It’s also a concept that can be hard to define. Writer Katja Pantzar moved to Finland, before writing her book The Finnish Way. She immersed herself into Finnish culture and found… More The Power of Sisu

What is St. Urho’s Day?

St. Urho’s Day is one of those legends that has a blurry origin story. If you live in Minnesota you might have heard rumblings about a man who drove the grasshoppers out of Finland. He protected the precious grape crop with his loud booming voice. The myth, originated in Minnesota in the 1950s, created a… More What is St. Urho’s Day?