Other Crafts

Woodturning With Phil Holtan

A regular during Ingebretsen's annual week of craft demonstrations, Phil Holtan, a professional woodturner, is always a crowd pleaser! His ...
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Neanderthal string and snorgaffel cord

Humans would be in pretty sorry shape if we hadn't learned to make string.  Certainly, we would have been very ...
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The Care and Feeding of Hardanger and Other Hand Needlework

It's June, and for a lot of people, that means cleaning everything, including linens and any needlework items that see ...
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D is for Duodji

Anessa Andersland is the guest writer for this post. Anessa is the North American marketing agent for  ČálliidLágádus / Authors’ Publisher, ...
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Wheat Weaving

Wheat Weaving with Bonnie Buzza

A couple of years ago I took a class in wheat weaving...and I got hooked! I love crafts of all ...
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Blue-Green Spinning Yarn

Spin In!

The drop spindle is one of the oldest tools known to mankind - it has been in use since an ...
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