Wendy J. Johnson: Celebrating Swedish Knitting Traditions

“My mission is to let people know about Swedish knitting, “ says Wendy J. Johnson, knitting designer and instructor. Her patterns and classes at Ingebretsen’s have drawn attention to Lovikka, Sweden, population 61 and home to the world’s largest mitten (12 feet tall). Here, in 1892, Erika Aittamaa first created he signature mittens.  Erika may… More Wendy J. Johnson: Celebrating Swedish Knitting Traditions

Star of Norwegian Knitting

The Atlantic had a great article about the star that has become a symbol of Norway. Today the selburose is an emblem of winter, and Christmas, and most of all Norway. But Norwegians didn’t invent it so much as they popularized the pattern. Precursors arose in the ancient Fertile Crescent and evolved over centuries throughout… More Star of Norwegian Knitting

Steller Quality

Julie Steller’s beautiful up-cycled mittens, bags, and denim jackets will be at Ingebretsen’s, along with the textile artist herself, this Saturday, October 27 from 1 to 4. The very best way to appreciate the beauty and warmth of Julie’s work is to try on a mitten, examine a wool bag, and look at each unique… More Steller Quality