Danish Burning Love

Danish Burning Love, Brӕndade Kӕlighed, – the name is appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Whether the burning love is for bacon, for mashed potatoes, or for the person to whom you are serving this dish, this recipe is a celebration how satisfying simple food can be. Add enough butter to sail a flotilla, and you are… More Danish Burning Love

Curried Fish Balls

I’ve heard numerous people, including Nordic chef Magnus Nilsson, speak about fish balls being a beloved comfort food from childhood onwards. I didn’t make the acquaintance of fish balls until I was an adult. During a particularly hectic period of my life,  I discovered I could come home from one job, eat fish balls from the… More Curried Fish Balls

Æbleskiver For All

Æbleskiver – a Danish Sweet Treat One of our favorite Scandinavian breakfast goods are these delicious pancake balls from Denmark, æbleskiver. Light and fluffy, savory and sweet, æbleskiver have gained global popularity over the last decade. Like many Nordic foods, æbleskiver do require a special pan, aside from that, they can be quite easy to… More Æbleskiver For All