Midsummer Cocktails

Two Cocktails for Midsummer If you’ve spent time in Scandinavia in the summer, you probably had a glass of sweet cold “saft.” Saft is a concentrated syrup used to make juice and can be mixed with still water, sparkling, or used creatively for a cocktail. You can purchase it here! Read our Midsummer blog to… More Midsummer Cocktails

U.P. Pasties – What happens when Finns meet Celts

The meeting of Celtic and Finnic culture on the Iron Range gave the world more than the redoubtable St. Urho. It was also the catalyst for the creation of the U.P. pasty – a semicircular pastry crust that holds a filling of meat, potatoes, rutabagas, and carrots.  “The Cornish may have developed the pasty, but… More U.P. Pasties – What happens when Finns meet Celts

Danish Burning Love

Danish Burning Love, Brӕndade Kӕlighed, – the name is appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Whether the burning love is for bacon, for mashed potatoes, or for the person to whom you are serving this dish, this recipe is a celebration how satisfying simple food can be. Add enough butter to sail a flotilla, and you are… More Danish Burning Love