Lofoten, Norway – The Place That Cod Built

And we love cod because without cod we’d have no lutefisk. So Ingebretsen’s salutes Lofoten. Lofoten is an archipelago (a chain, cluster, or collection of islands) and a traditional district in the county of Nordland, Norway. Lofoten is known for a distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and… More Lofoten, Norway – The Place That Cod Built

Summer in Scandinavia

The summer months turn people’s thoughts to vacations and outdoor recreation – especially after the long winters in Scandinavia. Icelanders, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns, all make the most of warmer weather with their sights set on free-time for travel or enjoyment of the outdoors. Whole industries slow or even shut down for common holidays… More Summer in Scandinavia