Anniversary Recipes

Ingebretsen’s Nordic Marketplace started as the Model Meat Market in 1921. Food is a part of who we are. In honor of our 100th anniversary, we are launching a blog series that features special recipes from Ingebretsen’s family and friends. Twice a month we will share a new recipe. Make sure you are subscribed. 

U.P. Pasties – What happens when Finns meet Celts

The meeting of Celtic and Finnic culture on the Iron Range gave the world more than the redoubtable St. Urho ...
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Danish Burning Love

Danish Burning Love, Brӕndade Kӕlighed, - the name is appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Whether the burning love is for bacon, ...
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Curried Fish Balls

I’ve heard numerous people, including Nordic chef Magnus Nilsson, speak about fish balls being a beloved comfort food from childhood onwards ...
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Three pea soups in a pod

On a classic, early-80s California road trip, a carload of friends and I were breezing north on the 101. The ...
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Lee’s lemon pie with krumkake wafers

Every cook likes to have a signature dish. It's even better when it's a signature dish that family and friends ...
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Ham Balls from Grandma Iola

There is no time like the present to preserve the past. Annie Malsam is doing just that as she collects ...
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Simple smoked salmon tart and cucumber salad

A supremely simple smoked salmon tart with cucumber salad

When you invite friends over for dinner, there are usually one or two people who ask sincerely, “What can I ...
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Appealing chocolate cake with minimal work

Fast and Fancy Cake with Cardamom-kissed Latte

“If I knew you were coming, I would have baked a cake!” It’s a warm, welcoming phrase and with Anne ...
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Marinated Beet Salad – An anniversary gift to Ingebretsen’s from The Norwegian Restaurant

“Congratulations to Ingebretsen’s on 100 years of incredible education, outreach, and dedication to your community.  Skål from your friends at The Norwegian ...
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January Sunshine: Orange Saffron Muffins

Oranges and saffron. Their flavors and color warm winter’s crisp aesthetic. Saffron gives a warm glow to Swedish baked goods ...
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