Violins, Tangos, Finns, and Fans

Tango at Ingebretsen’s. Yes, it’s a new offering we’ve added, along with our traditional offerings of lutefisk, Ekelund, and Dala horses. We’ve been playing the new self-titled CD, Tango Pohjan Tähden (Tango North Star), at the store and enjoying the quartet’s blend of Argentine tango, American jazz, Finnish folk music, and classic Finnish tangos.


Fierce, proud, passionate, intense, sultry – the adjectives for tango are many. This compelling music started in the red light district of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the mid-Nineteenth Century, a  time of Italian immigration and the fusing of musical styles. As the music grew and developed, tango musicians traveled to Europe and performed there. While all of Europe was entranced by the music, the Finns took it to heart and made it their own.

Sara Pajunen, who is the violinist and a vocalist on the CD, will be in the store on Tuesday, May 28 from 3 to 6pm. Sara will explain what makes a Finnish tango Finnish, give you a history of the form and highlights of the CD. She will also sign CDs, which will be available for sale. Sara will even help you get your mind around the fact that the world’s largest tango festival is held in Seinäjoki, Finland.


Sara is a local treasure. This Minneapolis musician is also the violinist with Kaivama, a Finnish-roots duo, along with Jonathan Rundman. Kaivama has made a CD and toured with Finnish violinist Arto Järvelä. Sara was a participating musician with the Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project, a CD dedicated to keeping old fiddle tunes alive for the next generation. Sara also tours with other progressive young folk musicians such as the Polka Chicks and Frigg. We are very pleased that we are able to have her here, with us, at Ingebretsen’s, as she brings another fascinating musical form to a wider audience.

Even if you aren’t a Finn, we think after listening to Tango Pohjan Tähden, you’ll become a tango fan.

–Carstens Smith

Tango Viking Style

We certainly hope you can join us on Tuesday, but if you simply aren’t able to, Tango Pohjan Tähden, along with other Finnish tango CDs, are always available to purchase in our store and to order at our website. Tervetuloa (Welcome in Finnish)!