Springtime in Scandinavia!

After the long nights of winter, the arrival of spring is truly celebrated in Scandinavia. Spring begins with Easter week and whether the week is spendt in the city welcoming the return of the spring flowers or escaping to the mountains taking advantage of the longer spring days to get in the last of the season’s skiing, it is a time of renewal for Scandinavians, celebrated with good food and good company. You can read all about Scandinavian Easter celebrations here, the Easter tree here, and the reading of crime novels here.

No matter what the setting, Scandinavians are known for their hospitality and charming table settings. Their colorful and coordinated tables make the time spent with family and friends more memorable. Fresh flowers, festive napkins and, of course, candles add to the spirit of these gatherings.

Sit down and enjoy a traditional Scandinavian breakfast.

Try the Finnish Pulla Braid topped with Gjetost or Cloudberry Preserves.

Olof Swedish crisp rolls are the perfect accompaniment to soft-boiled eggs.

Top it all off with a good strong cup of Swedish coffee – perhaps Egg Coffee.

Eggs always play a prominent role in a Scandinavian breakfast buffet whether simply prepared in the ever popular hard and soft-boiled eggs or something more elaborate as in a Nøkkelost Quiche.

Beatrice Ojakangas’ The Finnish Cookbook is a good place to start when planning your own spring breakfast buffet:

  • Egg Coffee
  • Nøkkelost Quiche
  • Æbleskiver 
  • Finnish Easter Bread (Pääsiäisleipä)
  • Pulla Coffee Bread (Pulla) and
  • Finnish Oven Pancake (Pannukakku)

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