Ingebretsen’s carries hundreds of Scandinavian products both in the store on Lake Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota and online via our website. The items we carry are chosen because they reflect the Nordic heritage we love and want to share.

Read on about the people, places and things that make us who we are:

Ham Balls from Grandma Iola

There is no time like the present to preserve the past. Annie Malsam is doing just that as she collects ...
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The Power of Sisu

Have you ever seen the Finnish word, "sisu," [SEE-soo] and wondered what it meant? Sisu is at the root of ...
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Appealing chocolate cake with minimal work

Fast and Fancy Cake with Cardamom-kissed Latte

“If I knew you were coming, I would have baked a cake!” It’s a warm, welcoming phrase and with Anne ...
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January Sunshine: Orange Saffron Muffins

Oranges and saffron. Their flavors and color warm winter’s crisp aesthetic. Saffron gives a warm glow to Swedish baked goods ...
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Sandwich Boards and a dash of Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt

Sandwich boards are a mainstay in Nordic casual entertaining. In the last few years, they have become vogue, and under ...
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Lingonberry Cardamom Scones

Scones are the quintessential accompaniment to British tea, but they have been popularized worldwide in the last few decades thanks ...
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Applesauce with Elderflower Syrup and Cardamom

The apple, a plump and tasty member of the rose family, began its journey west as a small, unprepossessing, and ...
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New Anniversary Stocking Kit

Christmas Stocking Pattern Ingebretsen's is celebrating its 100th Anniversary! In honor of 100 years on Lake Street in South Minneapolis, ...
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Meghan Hayes – Artist Feature

We chatted with Meghan Hayes of Dottir about her experience as a business owner and artist. Meghan is an artist ...
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Atlantic Crossing

Norway During World War II PBS's new Masterpiece series - Atlantic Crossing - centers on the dramatic story of Franklin ...
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