July 14, 2013: 82nd Norway Day

July is a month for waving red, white, and blue flags – July 4 for Americans and July 14 for Norwegian-Americans. The 82nd Norway Day celebration will be at Minnehaha Park from 10 am to 4 pm this Sunday. Ingebretsen’s has been part of this celebration for many years and we’re looking forward to joining the fun again this year.

There is a pleasant camaraderie among vendors as we set up our tents in the cool of the morning. That quiet gradually turns to a gentle buzz of people the closer it gets to 10 am, when arts and crafts activities begin and food vendors offer Norwegian and American foods. A church service will be led by Pastor Kristin Sundt of Mindekirken, Norwegian Memorial Lutheran Church at 11 am.

Line your children up at 1 pm for the Barnetog Parade. Those of us who have attended many a Norway day have noticed that the children in the Barnetog Parade are clearly from Lake Wobegon – they are all above average (and quite endearing).

Of course, there is live music each year. This celebration will have the Furuleikien Spel og Danselag, 36-member traditional music and dance group from Norway and Leroy Larson and the Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble. So a little food, a little sun, a children’s parade, a lot of good music, and a big, wide park in which to enjoy it all. It’s a perfect way to spend a Sunday in July. Please join us!

–Carstens Smith

The program schedule for the event can be viewed here.