A gift guide for knitters who are pressed for time.

There comes a time in a knitter’s life, usually in mid-December, when one realizes the list of  gifts one planned to knit and the list of  gifts that one can complete in time for Christmas are two very different lists. Sadly, the latter list is usually shorter than the former.

Quick! Fill this Marius patterned tray with cookies and you’re good to go.

Knitters, however, are resourceful, problem-solving people and Ingebretsen’s is here with ideas  to help find textile-themed gifts that show the giver’s sense of quality and style, even if the object wasn’t actually made by the knitter. Chosen by the knitter  is good, too.

Even the Joker is warm in this deck inspired by the Marius pattern.

Marius is a popular Norwegian knitting pattern named for the World War II Norwegian fighter pilot, skier, and later, actor, Marius Eriksen. It is a variation of the Setesdal pattern and it  now appears in many places besides sweaters. One can give the gift of a quiet night of hygge with a deck of Marius playing cards . The cards not only have the Marius pattern in its traditional red, white, and blue on the back, but the deck features cozy court cards, swaddled in Marius garb.

These mini spatulas are good for making mini cakes.

A baker would appreciate the style and humor of Marius spatulas. One usually has plenty of regular-sized spatulas, but the truly useful, gets-every-last-good-bit-of-batter mini spatulas are harder to find. (Note their lovely stocking stuffer size, too.)

A pewter pair of mittens decorated with the Selbu Rose is the perfect Christmas ornament for anyone who appreciates warm hands.

The Selbu Rose is a symbol with a long history, detailed in a previous blog post.  You can share this history on a card accompanying the gift, or just let the design speak for itself.

Write the story behind a gift, such as the meaning of the Setesdal star, in one of these evocative cards by Svein Solem.